Meet Brian Joyce - Fort Collins' Wealth Manager


Brian Joyce CPA/CFP ® is a licensed financial advisor in Fort Collins, CO. He has been helping people redefine their idea of retirement since 2004. He believes that retirement is not a specific time in a person’s life—it is a state of mind. It is when people are at their happiest, living life without stress. Brian’s goal for his clients is to have them always living in the retirement mindset and enjoying a stress free and fulfilled life.

Financial planning, investing and tax work are passions for Brian, which is why he started his own fee-only financial planning firm, Intelligent Investing, in 2017. He is not only a licensed investment advisor, but also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® and registered CPA.

Working for the Client’s Best Interest

Brian is a fee-only financial planner, meaning that he does not receive commissions on the financial plans or investment vehicles he recommends. Without the conflict of interest accompanying sales commissions, Brian can offer unbiased advice that is always in the client’s best interest.

Financial life planning, investing strategies and tax laws are constantly evolving. Brian devotes himself to rigorous, ongoing continuing education to ensure he is always on top of changing laws, compliance regulations, and new investment strategies. In addition, he organizes and speaks at regional seminars and writes articles for business journals.

Giving His Clients a Unique Experience

Working with Brian is distinct from most other advisors. Investment strategies and products are the last thing to be discussed. The first few meetings are devoted to financial life planning and getting to know what is most important to you and your family. After fully understanding your unique goals, risk tolerance and objectives, Brian will develop a customized investment and tax strategy individualized just for you.

To ensure you stay on track with your financial life plan and make adjustments as time passes, Brian will meet with you on a regular basis throughout the year. In addition, you will receive easy to read and transparent investment performance reports on a monthly basis. Your fees are collected on a quarterly basis. This gives Brian incentive to service you at a high level throughout your life and it allows you an opportunity to evaluate your relationship and ensure you are getting the proper value in return for your fees.

Committed to Our Local Community

Brian is always looking for ways to give back to the Northern Colorado community. He coaches youth sports, volunteers for charitable events, and is serves on the Board of Directors for local Non-Profit Organizations. Most importantly, he is a devoted husband and a father to three amazing children.

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